Tuesday, January 18, 2011

INRA, CIRAD and Agrimonde's Reports on Feeding the World in the Future

In my previous article, "Countering the Prevailing Myth that "The World is Running Out of Food", I referenced a Scientific American article citing two French studies concluding that there is a bright future for food. INRA and CIRAD have built a conjoined permanent platform, Agrimonde, which work together to find solutions for feeding the world. The groups used billions of statistics from the United Nation's FAO data base for their research.

Marion Guillou, President of INRA, summarizes the report's conclusions in these next two videos. The focus is on worldwide food and agricultural issues in the year 2050. Some challenging thoughts and questions are raised and this is historically significant and visionary work that these people are doing, in my opinion.
Part 1.

"International regulation is a necessity."

"Food volatility comes from social, economic and production problems." The group suggests looking at ways to stem volatility including the use of price caps. Agricultural production waste of 40-60% occurs at the consumer level in the developed nations and in the undeveloped nations there is waste in the fields of 30-50%.

Part 2.

"We need to understand eating habits. How will we feed the world in 2050? We have to look at the quantity, at the quality, at the inequalities at the poverty level and at the climate change question."

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