Monday, November 9, 2009

Brompton Folding Bicycle: Retail Success Story


As I was gathering today's economics news I ran across this article in the titled Brompton Bicycle: crafted for cult appeal. Bromptom makes a stylish folding bicycle. During our globally disastrous retail environment, I found it delightful to see a company with a 25% increase in sales this year. It goes to show that a company can still be rewarded for good management and attractive, practical, and innovative design in this year 2009. The company is gaining the market share of women, in part, by offering 144 color choices. There is even a Bromptom World Championship bicycle race.

Website: Bromptom Folding Bike

Disclaimer: I am a hopeless admirer of any new or old design, color, or style of bicycle.

Video of Icelandic singers Sigur Rós riding their Bompton's in Montreal.