Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Links this Week

  1. One researcher from the University of Michigan (UE) says that growing and harvesting bioenergy crops is a poor way to fight climate change — instead, we should keep these areas wild and increase forest cover. | ZME Science
  2. Will World War Three Be Fought Over Water? (22 minutes podcast) | Science Friday
  3. Here’s What Agriculture of the Future Looks Like: The Multiple Benefits of Regenerative Agriculture Quantified | Union of Concerned Scientists
  4. In the Heart of the Corn Belt, an Uphill Battle for Clean Water | Yale e360
  5. Time for a ‘Paris Agreement for nature’ - The world needs a much more ambitious work plan to halt species loss and restore biodiversity. Here are three steps to get there | Stockholm Resilience
  6. Cost-Effective Strategies for Reducing Cropland Nutrient Deliveries to the Gulf of Mexico | USDA
  7. In 2018, U.S. average farm real estate value remains near 2015 historic high (Chart) | USDA
  8. Farmers can now buy designer microbes to replace fertilizer | Wired
  9. Damaged soy crop hits farmers reeling from U.S.-China trade war | Reuters
  10. Monsanto's global weedkiller harms honeybees, research finds | The Guardian
  11. A new study finds grasslands can be more effective than forests at storing carbon in places prone to drought and wildfire – a condition likely to worsen in many parts of the world. | Land Can
  12. In the Carolinas, farmers face the painful task of livestock disposal | New Food Economy
  13. Devin Nune's Dairy Farm is in Iowa, not California | Esquire
  14. Why Sioux Falls Is Booming; South Dakota’s biggest city isn’t a college town or a state capital or in the Sun Belt. So how does it keep growing and growing? | Bloomberg
  15. Jokowi imposes moratorium on palm oil plantations | The Jakarta Post
  16. Farming the ocean to save the world | Quartz
  17. Disappearing Farmland goes to Residential acres | Daily Yonder
  18. This automated indoor farm is growing so fast, it makes you think this thing might work. Bowery, which began distributing produce just under two years ago, is opening a new farm and ramping up its output by 30-fold. | Fast Company
  19. Everything you've been told about plastic is wrong – the answer isn't recycling. Recycling is an easy cop-out for governments and large corporations, but the truth is that we have to take very different action if we want to stop irreversibly poisoning the planet | Independent
  20. Amarin Pharma Attacks Omega-3 Fish Oil Industry | Natural Products Insider
  21. U.S. spending on food away from home continued to outpace food-at-home spending in 2017 (chart) | USDA
  22. 11 foods that lower cholesterol | Harvard Health

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