Friday, June 29, 2018

Relevant Talks from the Aspen Ideas Festival

A few days ago, I had the great fortune of connecting, in person, here in Boulder, with Andrew Revkin, for the first time since he promoted this humble blogger on his NYT's "Dot Earth" site a few times - which led to some other wonderful opportunities for me, including my NYT's "Room for Debate" appearance, a opinion piece by invitation, and an appearance on Aljazeera Live Europe. Impressively, Revkin evidenced his impeccable memory when he immediately recalled my blog, though this happened back in 2011 and he's covered so much since then. He spoke here in Boulder at a CIRES event, promoting his fourth book, Weather: An Illustrated History: From Cloud Atlases to Climate Change, written with Lisa Mechaley. Currently, Revkin is strategic adviser for environmental and science journalism at the National Geographic Society.

Revkin was returning from the Aspen Ideas Festival, which served as a reminder to me to check out what happened there this year that might be relevant to this blog. I have, as a result, provided videos of the talks here for you.

Another person who I have met personally (below) is Brain Depew, who is located in Nebraska near the farm where I grew up.

It is wonderful that the videos are available online these days, as most of us don't have the clout nor the resources to attend this festival. I haven't had time to watch too much other than screening these so far, but intend to watch them over the next few days as I have time.

1. The Imperiled Food Supply

2. Our Towns: A Journey into the Heart of America featuring James and Deborah Fallows.

3. Rural by Choice featuring panelists James Fallows, Whitney Kimball Coe, Tim Lampkin, and Brian Depew.

4. On the Road with Rise of the Rest with spokespersons Katie Couric and Steve Case. I covered here previously when Couric went to Iowa to interview Art Cullen, who is a great commenter about agricultural policy, and also a Pulitzer winner for his small town newspaper.

5. Mending the Apparel Industry with Eileen Fisher, Rose Marcario, and Tami Simon. This group of women represents the corporations Eileen Fischer, Patagonia, and Sounds True. (I've also met Simon when she spoke here in Boulder and am a fan of all three of these companies.)