Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Easy Buddha Bowls

Though I love cooking, I don't feature recipes here often, because this is an agriculture blog.

But, but, but...

Because one of our number one global problems is obesity, I happen to think Buddha bowls are a pretty nice way of eating healthy. These two videos, below, are each less than 2 minutes and provide the inspirational basics to make your own Buddha bowls at home. I like the one bowl concept whether it be Japan's Donburi bowls, soup, salad, or the come-lately Buddha bowls. Served in the right-sized bowl, you have the magic formula for perfect-food, in the perfect-portion, too.

(Currently, on Tuesdays, I am featuring informative videos or stories about different food and farm traditions from unique cultures around the globe, because we can all learn from each other.)