Tuesday, April 24, 2018

A New Zealand Architect's Strawbale House

This 5-minute video is a walk through by New Zealand Architect Philip Kennedy in his straw balehouse while under construction. In the project, he made use of salvaged wood reused from his earthquake damaged house in Christchurch.

What if?

What if all dwellings were made of agricultural bio-products like wood and straw and hemp and earth and recycled materials as much as possible? How much energy would be saved? How much would it help the farmers? How much would it help create opportunities for craftsmen? for community? for sense of pride and creativity?

The strawbale homes I have been in have been very beautiful and pleasant places to be, back in the eastern Nebraska area.

(Currently, on Tuesdays, I am featuring informative videos or stories about different food and farm traditions from unique cultures around the globe, because we can all learn from each other.)