Tuesday, March 6, 2018

A Mayonnaise Machine

Did you ever wonder how commercially produced mayonnaise is made? Neither did I, but when I saw this I thought it was worth sharing. This Chinese made Ginhong Mixer machine can be customized for food blending-manufacturing for multiple products, in this case, for mayonnaise production in New Zealand.

It's a 1000 liters cold process catering mayonnaise manufacturing line for a food company in New Zealand. The system includes a 1000L non-jacketed mixer vessel, an 15kw inline homogenizer, a 7.5kw lobe pump, a 80L oil tank and a meter pump.

A typical mayonnaise manufacturing process would be as follows:

• In the first stage of mayonnaise production, the egg, which may be used in either liquid or powder form is dispersed into the water. This acts as the emulsifying agent.

• Remaining continuous phase ingredients are then added and mixed until dispersed and hydrated.

• The oil is added as rapidly as the continuous phase will take it up. This results in a dramatic rise in product viscosity as the emulsion is formed.

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