Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Agriculture, Farming, and Food Reading Picks for this Week

The Beet Harvest. Emile Claus. 1890.

This Tuesday news thread is a weekly feature here at Big Picture Agriculture. (For your daily up-to-the-minute agriculture news, go to this site's sister webpage, Agriculture News Daily.)

  1. Mental health issues cropping up as financial stress continues on farms - Years of low commodity prices have loaded producers with debt and anxiety. | Star-Tribune
  2. An Oregon Congressman proposes an alternative farm bill: The Food and Farm Act Highlights by Congressman Earl Blumenauer | .gov
  3. Driverless Farm Equipment is Here | Agweb
  4. Controversy over industrial biogas project in karst region of northeast Iowa - energy company to house 10,000 cattle in geographically inappropriate area | DesMoines Register
  5. How would you react if a neighbor did something that suddenly altered your quality of life or the value of your property? | American Rivers
  6. Quote: "Environmentalists are scolded for their reaction to having such an over-sized operation placed in fragile, environmentally sensitive areas. But the fact is that similar CAFOs have a history of polluting groundwater and rivers. The corporations will deny this up to the moment that the evidence becomes irrefutable. Contract growers will be left holding the mortgage for the facility, and the public will be on the hook to clean up the mess, while the corporation moves on to find another poor rural area in a state with lax environmental laws they can take advantage of."
  7. Using nuclear sciences to feed the world | IPS
  8. A University of Wisconsin-Madison study shows that the shift of more than 7 million acres into cropland led to massive releases of carbon emissions into the atmosphere after a 2007 federal law mandated ethanol in gasoline. The increased carbon emissions is equivalent to 20 million new cars driving down American roadways every year, according to the researchers' estimates | Journal Sentinel
  9. Also: Here is another synopsis of the study.
  10. The family farm is in Illinois, but the family is in Alabama | LA Times
  11. There's More Farmland in the World Than Was Previously Thought | Agweb
  12. Midwest Farm Values Down | Fed Reserve Bank of Chicago
  13. After consecutive years of increasing, global corn and soybean stocks, relative to consumption, are forecasted to decline in 2017/2018. Also, a look at China’s role in global grain stocks. | Agricultural Economic Insights
  14. Deere & Co.'s $32.6 million facility adds to list of central Iowa high-tech gets | DesMoines Register
  15. Report: Nebraska farmers got more than $1B in subsidies in 2016 | Journal-Star
  16. Breeding highly productive corn has reduced its ability to adapt | Univ. of Wisconsin
  17. Are petite poplars the future of biofuels? Studies say yes | Phys.org
  18. To Save Their Water Supply, Colorado Farmers Taxed Themselves | NPR
  19. Rural areas at risk as water levels drop in massive aquifer | AP
  20. USDA Water Conservation Efforts Reflect Regional Differences | Choices
  21. China’s new nationwide E10 ethanol mandate and its global implications | Iowa State
  22. Expert's reactions to paper modelling worldwide organic agriculture | Science Media Center
  23. Nebraska to build wind farm to power Facebook data center | ABC News
  24. Comment: Facebook can call themselves green powered while changing the land use of 32,000 acres in Northeastern Nebraska.
  25. Rabobank Highlights Key Food, Ag Trends for 2017 | USAgnet
  26. Another small-town grocer calls it quits | MPR News
  27. Italy's white truffles feel the heat at Alba auction | Reuters
  28. A small Miami church is rescued from farming the property | Miami Herald
  29. More Than 90% of Americans Don't Eat Enough Fruits and Vegetables | TIME
  30. Landscape Architects Leading the Charge for Climate Action | World Landscape Architect

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