Tuesday, October 10, 2017

This Week's Unique Conglomerate of Agricultural News Stories for You

Pomegranate, by Jacques Le Moyne de Morgues, c1575.

This Tuesday news thread is a weekly feature here at Big Picture Agriculture.
  1. In 'This Blessed Earth,' The Outdated Romance Of The Family Farm | NPR
  2. Bananas, coffee, pineapple, lotus, stinging nettles and hemp - what sounds like the ingredients on an exotic shopping list are actually all natural resources that can be turned into sustainable textiles. | Fashion United
  3. Katie Couric finds a town rowing together | by Art Cullen Storm Lake Times
  4. Comment: Another from my favorite commentator about small town Iowa conditions. He's a rare modern day journalist who is a straight-shooter for the most part, not driven by culturally accepted norms, like the rest of 'em.
  5. Iowa has world's largest cereal plant, but state's farmers lack market for oats | DesMoines Register
  6. Quote: "Canfield said more farmers might be willing to break the steady corn-and-soybean cycle if markets for alternative crops were available."
  7. September Rural Mainstreet Index Reaches 2017 Low: More than Half of Bankers Restructured Farm Loans | Creighton.edu
  8. U.S. ending stocks data and how large the 2016/2017 ending stocks are. | Agricultural Economic Insights
  9. Farmers likely to plant more corn in 2018 | Successful Farming
  10. Declines in pollinator forage suitability concentrated in the Midwest (with map) | USDA
  11. Note: This is important ecologically and leads into the next story...
  12. Low Commodity prices spur senate interest in idling cropland | Successful Farming
  13. Comment: We can hope - this really is the most logical response to today's heartland growing conditions.
  14. Michigan bursts at seams with corn, soybeans | The Detroit News
  15. In a World Flooded by Wheat, Cutting a Crop by Half Isn't Enough | Bloomberg
  16. Quote: "The world is so overflooded with wheat supplies that even slashing the durum crop in Canada, the world’s top grower, by almost half isn’t enough to rescue prices."
  17. Smallest Wheat Harvest Acreage in 127 Years | USAgnet
  18. Surplus cotton supply may offer Indian spinners respite | Fibre2Fashion
  19. Pork Prices Plunge as record number of hogs are slaughtered - Americans aren’t eating enough pork to keep up with the amount being produced by new meatpacking plants | WSJ
  20. Ban of Herbicide Could Benefit Agriculture Prices - Soybeans and cotton would be big winners if dicamba is deemed harmful to crops. | Bloomberg
  21. Are we at a tipping point with weed control? | Successful Farming
  22. Research explores lavender as natural pesticide source | HortiDaily
  23. Ireland Tops U.S. as the Country Best Able to Feed Its People | Bloomberg
  24. Tiny Denmark is an agricultural superpower | The Economist
  25. The Plan to Feed All Russians Hinges On Homemade Seeds | Bloomberg
  26. Rabobank warns on EU sugar prices, as it lifts forecast for world supplies | Agrimoney
  27. International Soy Buyers Examine Sustainability Practices | Landcaster Farming
  28. ADM invests in non-GMO high-protein soybean meal | World-Grain
  29. Eight Nebraska co-ops among nation's largest | Journal Star
  30. CHS Inc., a farmer-owned cooperative that supplies energy, crop nutrients, animal feed, insurance and other services to U.S. agricultural producers, is once again the country’s top revenue producing cooperative. | AgriPulse
  31. Bananapocalypse: The race to save the world’s most popular fruit | Washington Post
  32. Supermarkets are creating an obesity crisis in African countries | The Guardian
  33. The immense challenge of desertification in sub-Saharan Africa | Phys.org
  34. Biofuels and Biofools - European politicians are enthralled to the biofuels lobby - they are living a fantasy and it’s time to wake up to the reality of an industry driving deforestation, land grabbing and poverty | Global Research
  35. New efficient catalyst for key step in artificial photosynthesis | Phys.org
  36. Note: I've covered this very interesting energy story in the past, here's the most recent time.
  37. The Intercept goes after Smithfield foods for pig factory farming | The Intercept
  38. Muscle-packed pigs in Cambodia raise alarms | Inhabitat
  39. Meat the godfather: The idea for lab-grown meat was born in a prisoner-of-war camp | Quartz
  40. Japanese ‘mutant’ chickens are laying eggs with cancer-fighting drugs | Inhabitat
  41. Vertical farming's best kept secret? | HortiDaily
  42. Ikea has debuted an indoor farm that grows greens 3 times as fast as in a garden | Business Insider
  43. Move over quinoa, fonio is the new ancient grain in town, says Yolélé | Food Navigator
  44. FoodNavigator-USA’s special edition on protein | Food Politics
  45. Nutrition and Food Systems | Food Politics
  46. The state of obesity, U.S. 2017 | Food Politics
  47. 40% of Cancers Are Linked to Being Overweight | TIME
  48. Belgium’s new food pyramid | Food Politics
  49. Giant Straw Animals Invade Japanese Fields After Rice Harvest | Bored Panda

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