Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Introducing "Agriculture News Daily" Website News Resource

New Agriculture News Website: Agriculture News Daily

This week, Big Picture Agriculture has launched a new news-providing website titled "Agriculture News Daily".

For those of you who have been with me long enough to know, this is my second attempt to create a website in the style of "Arts and Letters Daily" but with a focus on agricultural news. My first attempt, "Sowing Agricultural Seeds Daily" was on a wordpress custom domain, and required manual feeding of news picks. One reader was so enthused about that effort at the time, he offered to help me with it. Not too long after that, I decided to end my custom domains and simplify my blogging, which meant going back to Blogger, and giving up my status as a Google News approved site, none of which I regret.

Compared to when I began blogging on the subject of agriculture 8.5 years ago, now there are many other sites which have forayed into covering agriculture, and that includes providing news. Twitter has also become a news source for some, though it harbors many problems typical of today's social media. Because Twitter is a great news resource, however, I have incorporated a twitter feed into "Agriculture News Daily" and I think it is quite valuable.

In sum, this has been my vision for a long time, and now finally "Agriculture News Daily" represents my humble attempt to fulfill that vision. I'm optimistic that those who want to find daily news on the subject of agriculture will find this site valuable, efficient, and user-friendly. I'm keeping it simple and ad-free.

The site is nimble at providing news automatically. You might even say that the robots have taken my job curating news on agriculture. Yet, it represents hours of hard work by many smart people who have written the numerous articles and information contained on its single page.

When you visit the site for the first time, look around. There are 3 columns. The LEFT column has news feeds that come from a variety of miscellaneous sources that cover (mostly) agriculture. The MIDDLE column has multiple topics as you scroll down. The RIGHT hand column is the twitter feed which I hand picked and tried to keep as on-topic-quality-apolitical as possible.

One last thing, before you head over to check the new site out... I welcome comments and suggestions, so please send thoughts about the site to me at the Email address Though I hope it is mostly finished, it will be tweaked with improvements over time. Use the site often. And, please, help promote the site to other users who you think might find it useful, too.

To view the new website, go to AGRICULTURE NEWS DAILY now.