Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Agriculture, Farming and Food Reading Picks this Week

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This Tuesday news thread is a weekly feature here at Big Picture Agriculture. Readers note, however, due to other obligations there will be no news the next couple of weeks, but other posts are planned instead.
  1. Is Nitrogen the Next Carbon? | Wiley.com
  2. Low-fat diet could kill you, major study shows | The Telegraph
  3. Growing Virtual Plants Could Help Farmers Boost Their Crops | Scientific American
  4. GAO: Insurance companies can make more money and the government could reduce program costs by hundreds of millions of dollars by lowering the guaranteed profit insurance companies receive. | USAgnet
  5. Trump nominates Iowa secretary of ag, Bill Northey, for top job at USDA | KCCI
  6. New Holland Unveils Methane Powered Concept Tractor | USAgnet
  7. Nebraska’s overreliance on agricultural property tax is unsustainable | Center for Rural Affairs
  8. Reselling at farmers' markets has been controversial for decades, with price undercutting and deception at the heart of the issue; about the bad blood between farmers and resellers, and what markets are doing about it. | Globe and Mail
  9. Climate Smart Agriculture Holds Key To Food Security (World Bank) | Business World
  10. Slideshow: Quinoa's northern exposure | World Grain
  11. $18 Million available for value-added agriculture | NSAC
  12. Cropland Values Hold Steady at $4,090 Per Acre Nationwide | The Land Report
  13. Shortage of Veterinarians Has Food-Safety Experts Concerned | Public News Service
  14. Richardson Pioneer Ltd. announced the acquisition of two new crop inputs facilities in northeastern Alberta. | World Grain
  15. As of 2016, Internet sales account for approximately 9% of the $48 billion U.S. market for pet products--around $4.5 billion | USAgnet
  16. Major Uses of Land in the United States through 2012 | USDA
  17. Sunflowers prepare Illinois farm for organic future | AP
  18. Delaware farmers are busy planting cover crops | Dover Post
  19. Harvey not likely to weigh much on farm freight, logistics: Cargill CEO | Reuters
  20. $300M Bellevue fund will invest in the Northwest’s food chain. Arable Capital plans to buy into Western U.S. agricultural enterprises that range “from seed to shelf.” | The Seattle Times
  21. August Rural Mainstreet Index Falls Below Growth Neutral: More than Half of Bankers Report Drought Impacts | Creighton.edu
  22. Senegalese fonio 'miracle grain' could see Sahel prosper | Phys.org
  23. Ghost tomato factory showcase for Nigeria's farming problems | Reuters
  24. Putting rainwater to good use | FAO
  25. Did Monsanto write Malawi's seed policy? | Triple Crisis
  26. 10 States Recognized for Rural Critical Access Hospitals | US Agnet
  27. In smaller towns, empty storefronts and economic challenges loom large | Chicago Tribune
  28. A plant’s fungal roots | Farm and Dairy
  29. Hurricane Harvey halts trains, the export of Nebraska commodities with harvest looming | Omaha World Herald
  30. Quote: "The Port of Houston handles about 40 million gallons of Nebraska ethanol a year destined for export — the most from any one ethanol-producing state"
  31. What Does It Cost To Start A New Farm? The cost of land–among many other factors–makes the idea of independent farms setting up shop almost impossible. | Fast Company
  32. Rural America Is Building Its Own Internet Because No One Else Will | Motherboard
  33. Reform the ethanol mandate | Washington Examiner
  34. Why We Need to Kick Our Foolish Ethanol Addiction; Corn-producing states love the federal mandate to add it to motor fuels, but it no longer makes sense — if it ever did. | Governing.com
  35. Energy hogs: China targets farm waste as a 'clean' power source | Reuters
  36. More than 4,000 livestock die in export trade over six months | The Guardian
  37. Danone Sends 5,000 Cows to Siberia in Quest for Cheaper Milk | Agweb
  38. Poor California yields and Chinese supply issues cause tight garlic market | Fresh Plaza
  39. Making Eco- and Animal-Friendly “Meat”; Dutch “butcher” is on a mission to compete with industrial meat production | Earth Island Journal
  40. American obesity report: 1 in 3 adults are beyond overweight | AP
  41. Quote: "West Virginia had the highest obesity rate at 37.7 percent. Mississippi was second at 37.3 percent and Alabama and Arkansas were tied for third at 35.7 percent."
  42. All about Alice Waters and what's revealed in her new book | My ajc
  43. Vedic Organic Agriculture | Katmandu Tribune
  44. The Landscapes of Hoerr Schaudt | The Dirt
  45. The Tater Tot Is American Ingenuity at Its Finest | Eater
  46. What the Garden-Hacking Grandmas and Grandpas of South Korea Know; Gardening here is not a hobby. It comes from the realization within people that there is inherent value in tending a garden and taking time to be a part of nature. | Yes! magazine
  47. Danish dome-sheltered community center is built with wood | Treehugger

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