Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Agriculture, Farming, and Food Reading Picks for this Week

Raspberry from old Belgian book. 'Belgique horticole'
by Charles Morren LiƩge 1851 Tome 1st.

This Tuesday news thread is a weekly feature here at Big Picture Agriculture.
  1. Midwest farmers opting for crops other than wheat this year | AP
  2. Seizing agriculture’s ‘green’ future | Alan Guebert
  3. Quinoa: Harvesting Bolivia's 'superfood' - Harvesting the popular crop can be backbreaking work and the rewards aren't always guaranteed for Bolivia's farmers. | Aljazeera
  4. Comment: This is a great post with great photographs about Bolivia's "ancestral gift from the Andes to the world". Does anyone else remember when quinoa hit the spotlight a few years ago, there was a first response about protecting the rights of the Bolivian growers? I knew that wouldn't last long, and now their profits have dwindled because industrialized powerhouses are growing it. Once again, our lives are enriched by an indigenous contribution, but once we "take" that contribution, the indigenous community we got it from suffers. Our corporate seed providers profit nicely from seed selling. Life is not fair.
  5. Organic farmers sprouting up across Iowa; At first, they didn't have a market. But 'now our products sell themselves' | The Gazette
  6. Quote: "95 percent of the farmers in the Hazleton Amish community have converted to organic. “It was a life saver for us out here,” he said. “We couldn’t compete with the big conventional farmers anymore."" (Nice map of organic farms in Iowa at the end.)
  7. ‘The windscreen phenomenon’ - why your car is no longer covered in dead insects | The Telegraph
  8. By multiple measures, global food security has improved significantly since 1990 | USDA (with graph)
  9. A New Way Forward for American Agriculture; At Polyface Farm, Sheri Salatin, daughter-in-law of Joel Salatin and marketing director at the farm, has seen firsthand the growing interest in sustainable farming from the youngest generations. | Moyers & Co
  10. Fish farm with 300,000 Atlantic salmon collapses in San Juan Islands | KIRO7
  11. Pro Farmer U.S. 2017 Corn and Soybean Crop Estimates | Agweb
  12. Good Demand for Big Crops Keeping Corn Belt Afloat, But Federal Reserve Watchful | DTN
  13. Gain from crop diversity - Increase variety in crop rotation to boost the overall health of your field | SF
  14. Getting drought-relief hay to Northern Plains no easy task | AP
  15. Bill Gates funds millions of dollars a year for livestock development worldwide | The Scottish Farmer
  16. Bill Gates and Richard Branson Back Startup That Grows ‘Clean Meat’ | Bloomberg
  17. Raising grass-fed beef in Minnesota | SF
  18. Raising beef and saving birds on the Katy Prairie; Warren Ranch is managing the landscape to meet production and conservation goals | Houston Chronicle
  19. Geothermal vegetables from Iceland – exporting geothermal energy | Think Geoenergy
  20. Farm subsidies: helping the rich at the expense of the taxpayer | The Hill
  21. Wheat virus causes Kansas farmers to lose $76.8M | AP
  22. Small towns across Japan are on the verge of collapse. Whether they can do so gracefully has consequences for societies around the globe. | The Atlantic
  23. Small farms in England in "steep decline" | The Global Miller
  24. Small town Minnesota grocery store shares tips on how to remain viable | Mitchell Republic
  25. Rural areas hit hardest by growing doctor shortage | Herald Whig
  26. America's Disappearing Ancient Dairy Cows | The Atlantic
  27. Second-generation farmer forges a new path | JSonline
  28. Quote: "he is known for custom cuts of meat, his burger grinds and nearly 50 varieties of bratwurst."
  29. A Global Fish War is Coming | U.S. Naval Inst.
  30. Scientists Hope To Farm The Biofuel Of The Future In The Pacific Ocean | NPR
  31. U.S. ethanol exports are setting records this year and that is due at least in part to the efforts of the U.S. Grains Council ethanol advisory team | Agwired
  32. China July ethanol exports jump six-fold | Reuters
  33. US Ethanol Exports to Brazil Slapped with 20% Tariff | DTN
  34. Let’s not pretend biofuel is helping environment | The Republic
  35. Water buffalo cheese making in North Carolina | Charlotte Five
  36. US cider producers experimenting with fruits other than apples | Strait Times
  37. Organic milk prices plummet | VT Digger
  38. Locally grown fresh fruits and veggies now just a click away | q13fox
  39. Comment: This simple concept and web design looks great -- I hope it takes off!
  40. The Top 3 Reasons Shoppers Buy Organic Produce | USAgnet
  41. A salad a day keeps stroke away? | Harvard Health
  42. End times and doing time | The Storm Lake Times
  43. Comment: This week's bonus brilliant writing on the state of the world from small town Iowa. I love it when people tell it like it is.

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