Friday, June 23, 2017

Sanford Florida Farmers Market Photo Journal

"from sea to shining sea"

This nation is blessed with a wide ranging diversity of geographical growing conditions.

When we travel, our "thing" is to visit farmers markets. They are the perfect event to show off a community's personality, its resources, and its local geography.

In late April, we visited the Sanford, Florida farmers market, and it was my first visit ever to a Florida market. I was impressed with the authenticity of the farmers and venders represented there, and with the variety of produce and products for sale at that time of year.

Next, I'll let the pictures tell the story.

Eggplant, sweet corn, peppers, and radishes.

Strawberries and peaches together!

Pineapples and tangelos.

Bananas and mangoes.


This was my favorite stand. This long time area farmer had many, many plants, fruits, and plant products for sale, each with a card describing the plant's medicinal properties and uses in cooking and otherwise. Many were unusual and how I wish I had his knowledge! I bought one thing from him, a luffa sponge, which he grew, of course.

Another picture from his table.

And another.

Finally, being a bit of a cat lady myself, I asked this poor soul if he'd mind if I took a picture of his tee shirt, and he kindly obliged.

Harvesting bananas at the same time as sweet corn in one growing climate? Amazing to someone who grew up in Nebraska. All in all, I was very impressed with the Sanford, Florida farmers market in late April of 2017.