Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Agriculture, Farming, and Food Reading Picks for this Week

Chicken by Milton Avery

This Tuesday news thread is a weekly feature here at Big Picture Agriculture.
  1. Where did all the cattle, and people, go? | Storm Lake Times
  2. Comment: As I read through this I kept thinking "this is good, this is really good" only to get to the end and see that it was written by Art Cullen, the recent Pulitzer prize winner from Iowa.
  3. A new study concludes that it is more environmentally sound to use corn for feed than to produce biofuel from it. | National Science Foundation
  4. Note: The local Illinois paper's reporting of the study is here.
  5. Ethanol Mandate must be reformed | York Dispatch
  6. Growing Fruit trees in the Sandhills | 10/11 News Lincoln
  7. Comment: This headline caught my attention and I was delighted to read it and watch the video only to discover it was produced/narrated by my cousin and her husband.
  8. Rural America Is Aging and Shrinking | Bloomberg
  9. Foreign Investment In U.S. Farmland Rising | Iowa Watch.org
  10. Trump expresses support for ethanol in Iowa | Ethanol Producer Mag
  11. Bring Competition Back to Gas Stations by Fixing the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) | Politic365
  12. Households accounted for more than one-third of U.S. food-related energy use in 2012 (graph) | USDA
  13. Here's where Americans are buying their groceries | Business Insider
  14. Brazilian meatpacker JBS plans to sell $1.8 billion in assets | Reuters
  15. China drone king turns to farming | Phys.org
  16. This Cornell scientist saved an $11-million industry — and ignited the GMO wars | Business Insider
  17. Kansas jury awards $218 million to farmers in Syngenta lawsuit | AP
  18. Merged Agrium, PotashCorp company to be named “Nutrien” | Real Agriculture
  19. Cash rent for cropland, how low can it go? | Wallaces Farmer
  20. ADM opens new silo storage facility in Bulgaria | World Grain
  21. Why Is China Snatching Up Australian Farmland? | NPR The Salt
  22. U.S. Alfalfa Hay Exports to China Climb | USDA PDF
  23. U.S. Agricultural Exports to China Increased Rapidly Making China the Number One Market | Choices
  24. U.S., China sign agreement allowing more dairy exports | Texas Farm Bureau
  25. Australian farmer's weed-destroying invention draws world interest | ABC News
  26. Tesco Cancels Thousands of Online Food Orders as Systems Falter | Bloomberg
  27. Amazon-Whole Foods Deal Puts Spotlight on France’s Carrefour | Bloomberg
  28. Drought conditions worsen dramatically in North Dakota | AP
  29. We’ve all heard the staggering statistics about food waste. A new study says they’re wrong. | The New Food Economy
  30. Comment: This site has never promoted the food waste articles greatly, as I've considered much of it over-hyped.
  31. Sonic Chain to be first national quick service operator to test beef-mushroom blend | Restaurant News

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