Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Agriculture, Farming, and Food Reading Picks for this Week

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This Tuesday news thread is a weekly feature here at Big Picture Agriculture.
  1. Danish bioscience company plans to invest $36 million in Blair plant | Omaha World-Herald
  2. Note: I just passed by this Missouri River horrendous industrial complex a week ago and it has destroyed a beautiful area, in my opinion. For all the biofuels are touted to create jobs in rural areas, note that this $36 million investment by Novazymes will add 6 new jobs to the operation. This corporate giant benefiting from our RFS policy isn't based in the U.S., either, rather Denmark. Why do we sell our souls?
  3. ‘Full-throttle agriculture’ squeezing out farmers | Grand Island Independent
  4. Quote: "'This all has a predictable end,' he said, with big farms and multinational conglomerates eventually controlling much of U.S. agriculture." (More soul-selling.)
  5. Make or break year? Iowa farmers battle for profits as debt, delinquencies rise | DesMoines Register
  6. Quote: "Commodity prices have been cut in half, and our data would show costs have come down 10 to 15 percent ... After three years, that's taking a toll."
  7. Can Prairie Dogs Talk? | NYTs Magazine
  8. How 36 million pounds of soybeans treated with pesticide became 'organic' | Chicago Tribune
  9. Why Big Data Hasn’t Yet Made a Dent on Farms. Startups designed to use information to boost agricultural productivity are struggling. | WSJ
  10. (I've always been cynical about this data-hype business-invention with its ownership issues as one more thing to sell to farmers.)
  11. Should prairie potholes and other wet areas be farmed? | Iowa Learning Farms
  12. (Same theme as I've been running on lately - if farmers are losing money, and the environment is losing, why produce it?)
  13. 2,100 wildfires have burned in Florida since start of year | Chicago Tribune
  14. Debate Over CRP Acres | DTN
  15. Ag cooperatives consolidating, too (with graph) | Iowa State
  16. U.S. pulse crops set for another record year for acres planted (Chart) | USDA
  17. Farming the World: China’s Epic Race to Avoid a Food Crisis | Bloomberg
  18. Rural index climbs into positive territory for first time in almost two years | Omaha W-H
  19. Fresno County detectives uncover $1 million bee theft operation | Western Farm Press
  20. Ecological agriculture: investing today in tomorrow's farms in UK | The Ecologist
  21. Cash rental rates fall for a fourth consecutive year in Iowa (with graph) | Iowa State
  22. The spacepot hydroponic planter brings NASA grade farming to your kitchen | Design Bloom
  23. Has This Silicon Valley Startup Finally Nailed The Indoor Farming Model? | Fast Company
  24. U.S. agricultural exports have historically exceeded imports (Chart) | USDA
  25. E.U. team explores sorghum flour uses | World-Grain
  26. Singapore frees up land for high-tech farming; Crowded city-state seeks ‘buffer’ against supply chain disruption | FT
  27. Kenya's parched farmers stop ploughing - but harvest more food and jobs | Reuters
  28. Maine Is Drowning in Lobsters. The market is booming, but it's not making anybody rich. | Bloomberg
  29. The first-ever Reducetarian Summit took place in Manhattan last weekend. | Tree Hugger
  30. Skin Cancer on the rise | US Agnet
  31. The worst fat in the food supply: Trans Fat | NYTs
  32. Umami says its new veggie burger tastes like meat — and bleeds like meat | LA Times
  33. To age better, eat better | Harvard Gazette

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