Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Tuesday Links +

Haymaking ~ Pyotr Konchalovsky ~ 1947

This Tuesday news thread is a weekly feature here at Big Picture Agriculture.
  1. Here’s What U.S. Farmers Will Plant More (and Less) of in 2017 | Bloomberg
  2. k.m.: This includes great charts. Soybean prices took a hit after this report.
  3. Growing A Prairie In The Shadow Of An Agribusiness Legacy | Harvest Public Media
  4. Quote: "he realized he’d never even seen an intact prairie ecosystem despite growing up in Iowa"
  5. World Bank Ignores Land Grabbing | IPS
  6. Agrispeculation in eastern Europe; Investors are buying more of eastern Europe's farmland, turning it into instruments of speculation and letting the owners profit from public subsidies. Smaller farmers are getting pushed out. | DW
  7. Nitrates, Bacteria, Water Quality a Growing Concern for Rural Residents | Center for Rural Affairs
  8. Salmon farming in crisis: 'We are seeing a chemical arms race in the seas' | The Guardian
  9. Farmers Still Face Problems Reining in Premium Costs - Insurance Problems Remain | DTN's Chris Clayton
  10. Iowa’s biodiesel producing capacity to increase to 400 million gallons a year, or 20% | Biofuels International Magazine
  11. Speculators are more Bearish on Grains | Agrimoney
  12. Corn Exports to Mexico (in a round-about-way) | Tiwa Farms
  13. Very rare calf born at Conner Prairie, Indiana | IndyStar
  14. A salt solvent allows for natural fiber garments to be recycled into new Ioncell fabric | Popular Science
  15. Dairy is scary. The public are waking up to the darkest part of farming | The Guardian
  16. A guy who made tools to catch terrorists is now using bomb-sensing technology to grow food | Business Insider
  17. Scientists Discover a New Source of Methane: Tree Trunks | YaleE360
  18. A 'bionic leaf' could help feed the world | Phys.org
  19. The Death and Rebirth of the Duncan Grapefruit | NYTs
  20. Maple syrup extract enhances antibiotic action | EurekAlert!
  21. Small Scale Canning And Jarring Of Fruit And Vegetables. Interview with Oregon's Muirhead Canning Company | Hourlong Podcast by Matt Brechwald of Off Farm Income
  22. New Study Suggests Vitamin D Decreases Cancer Risk | US Agnet
Winners of the 2017 Sony World Photography Awards | The Atlantic


A Video Of A Really Big Chicken Is Going Viral And It's Terrifying

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