Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Tuesday Links +

"Bucks County Barn" 1932 Charles Sheeler

This Tuesday news thread is a weekly feature here at Big Picture Agriculture.
  1. Because of technological improvements, the world's rice supply is growing faster than its rate of demand. | DAWN
  2. The future of greenhouse growing will be semi closed | HortiDaily
  3. A look at Japan's teikei system; Co-op Farming in Japan | MetropolisJapan
  4. In India, farmers set up 7,500 bee-colonies near mustard fields in different villages where there was good flowering, and got around 80 kg of honey from each colony in two weeks. | Prothom-alo
  5. Innovation and better ways in Ag | Prairie Business Magazine
  6. A library for food security: Cowpeas (black-eyed peas) move forward on the shelves | Phys.org
  7. New ideas to diversify your operation; with farm prices low, it's time to diversify. | Successful Farming
  8. A sustainable farmer in India sets up an exemplary 15 acre farm. | DeccanHerald
  9. Soil Health Practices and No-Till Farming Transform Landscapes and Produce Nutritious Food | USDA Blog
  10. Laura Lawson surveys the fruitful history of urban farming. | Nature
  11. Organic Valley Co-op Hits Record 2,000 Farm Families | USAgnet
  12. A win-win agreement between Barilla and sustainable durum Wheat Producers in Italy | Italy24
  13. Outlining Steps to Achieve Global, Sustainable Agriculture | InfoZine
  14. Tons of Plastic Chinese 'Rice' Seized in Nigeria | USAgnet
  15. USDA Invests in Innovative Conservation Partnerships; Addition of 88 projects brings federal, partner investment to over $2 billion since 2014 | AgNetWest
  16. Interesting graphs and economics in this investment article about ethanol production. | Seeking Alpha
  17. Safeguarding of biodiversity must be integrated across agricultural sectors | FAO
  18. Petri dish to plate: Food innovators consider range of protein options | MetroNewsCanada
  19. SuperMeat Lab Meat | Treehugger
  20. The University of Vermont is working on greenhouse produced saffron. | Boston Globe


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