Sunday, November 20, 2016

Global Food and Agriculture Photos November 20, 2016

This roundup of global food, farming, and agricultural photos appears every Sunday on Big Picture Agriculture.

Farmers collect rice straw on bullock carts after the harvest at Jessore, Bangladesh. The dominant food crop of Bangladesh is rice. Rice sector contributes one-half of the agricultural GDP and one-sixth of the national income in Bangladesh. Almost all of the 13 million farm families of the country grow rice. Rice is grown on about 10.5 million hectares, which has remained almost stable over the past three decades. About 75% of the total cropped area and over 80% of the total irrigated area is planted to rice. Thus, rice plays a vital role in the livelihood of the people of Bangladesh. Photo credit: Sk Hasan Ali / Corbis News / Getty Images.

This picture taken on November 15, 2016 shows a farmer operating a reaper as he harvests rice in Moagang village, located on the outskirts of Shanghai. Photo credit: AFP / JOHANNES Eisele / Getty Images.

Palestinian farmers collect Potato during the harvest on November 15, 2016 in Beit Lahia in the northern Gaza Strip. Photo credit: NurPhoto / Getty Images.

A picture taken on November 14, 2016 shows cabbages used to estimate air pollution level in Besancon, France. In two months, cabbages will be sent to a laboratory to analyse the amount of pollutants which can be found in the leaves of the vegetables. Photo credit: AFP / SEBASTIEN Bozon / Getty Images.

Indian farm labourers harvest cotton in a field near Medha village in Kadi Taluka, some 35kms from Ahmedabad on November 13, 2016. Photo credit: AFP / SAM Panthaky / Getty Images.

A child sells bushmeat along a road near Daoukro, Côte d’Ivoire on November 18, 2016. Photo credit: AFP / Sia KAMBOU / Getty Images.

A cheese ripening room at the Rogachev milk canning plant. Photo credit: Viktor Drachev / TASS / Getty Images.

Cows are pictured on November 17, 2016 in Moulins-la-Marche, northwestern France. Photo credit: AFP / CHARLY Triballeau / Getty Images.

A Bangladeshi farmer uses the traditional plow pulled by cows to till the soil for planting rice crop at Magura, Bangladesh. Photo credit: Corbis News / Sk Hasan Ali / Getty Images.

Wholesalers bring huge quantities of vegetables to Barobazar weekly market on November 17 in Jessore, Bangladesh. Photo credit: Corbis News / Sk Hasan Ali / Getty Images.

Bangladeshi lemon vendors he waits for customers at a wholesale market at karwan Bazar in Dhaka , Bangladesh. On November 17, 2016 Karwan Bazar is one of the largest wholesale Kitchen marketplaces in Dhaka city. It is also one of the largest Kitchen marketplaces in South Asia. As of 2002, the market had 1255 stores, out of which 55 were owned by the Dhaka City Corporation. In 2002, the wholesale market had a daily revenue of 50 million Bangladeshi taka. Many people work in the Kitchen marketplaces. Photo credit: NurPhoto / Getty Images.

The full moon sets over the continental divide early Tuesday morning November 15, 2016 in Nederland, Colorado. The massive moon a day after it was at its closest point to the earth since 1948 was almost as impressive as the highly-anticipated 'supermoon' which appeared in the night sky the night before. This is a once-in-68-year lunar event. Photo credit: Helen H. Richardson / Denver Post / Getty Images.