Sunday, March 27, 2016

Farm and Food Photos March 28, 2016

A worker prepares Easter Lilies for shipping at Floral Acres LLC in Boynton Beach, Florida, U.S., on Friday, March 25, 2016. Floral Acres nursery grows seasonal flowers including New Guinea Impatiens, Easter Lilies, Hydrangeas and ferns and has been in business since 1955. Photo credit: Mark Elias / Bloomberg via Getty Images.

Despite missing the full force of El Nino conditions, there has been sufficient rain on the Central Coast to turn the vineyards green and bring out the wild mustard as viewed on March 22, 2016, near Los Olivos, California. Most of Southern and Central California have entered a fifth year of drought but the vineyards of Santa Barbara County appear to be in good shape, water wise. Photo Credit: George Rose / Getty Images.

Protesters gather in Trafalgar Square during a Farmers for Action protest on March 23, 2016 in London, England. Farmers are currently protesting due to the recent drop in the price of milk which has reduced the average income of dairy farmers by 45% to 46,500 GBP which could result in one in five of the 10,000 dairy farms in the United Kingdom to close. Photo Credit: Ben Pruchnie / Getty Images.

Sturgeon farming at Reftinsky Rybkhoz in Russia on March 23, 2016. Photo credit: Donat Sorokin / TASS / Getty Images.

A price tag is displayed on fish at La Nueva Viga fish market in Mexico City, Mexico, on Thursday, March 24, 2016. La Nueva Viga, where more than 500 marine species are sold, is the world's second largest fish market and the largest in Latin America. Photo credit: Susana Gonzalez / Bloomberg via Getty Images.

An Egyptian farmer stands in the village of Shamma in the Egyptian Nile Delta province of al-Minufiyah on March 26, 2016. Photo credit: AFP / MOHAMED EL-SHAHED / Getty Images.

This photo taken on March 23, 2016 shows a vineyard next to the town's elementary school in Villeneuve, near Bordeaux, where pupils and their teacher suffered from sudden illness after phytosanitary products were sprayed onto the vines. The Bordeaux wine producing industry is now under the increasing pressure of associations and residents, who denounce the toxic effects of herbicides and synthetic fungicides, the backbone of intensive agriculture, on health and the environment. Photo credit: AFP / GEORGES GOBET / Getty Images.

Sheep and goats graze in the Kurdish town of Aqrah, 500 kilometres north of Baghdad, on March 21, 2016. Photo credit: AFP / SAFIN HAMED / Getty Images.