Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A Personal Note with Tomato Bragging Rights

I haven't made a personal note, perhaps, since transitioning to this site, Old Farm Photos, from my previous site, Big Picture Agriculture. Though some investor followers have left (I guess they don't see the value in photos though they should) many readers have stayed with me and I'm grateful for that. Thanks. I'm also grateful for those commenters who made me decide  -at the final hour last April- to continue this online presence prior to shutting down the former site. I'm really enjoying doing this one, as it is all play and no work for the most part. I happen to think that, like Big Picture Agriculture, there isn't another site like this one online, so help me spread the word. I also think that my right sidebar of news feeds is extremely valuable as a resource and if more people knew about it, they would gladly use it, so also help spread the word about that.

If you're a gardener you know how much your produce excites you, and at our house this year, for the first year since moving to Colorado eight years ago, we have an abundance of perfect, large, beautiful tomatoes. The photo above is yesterday's harvest. I used them to make a pot of scratch chili last night accompanied with fresh herb bread using flat leafed chives, thyme, and dill from the garden. We've had a millennial return to live at home while working on his new goal, so I can cook away, once again.

And lest you think I'm staying out of trouble with my keyboard, I'm not. I've taken an active part in a local issue and our November elections that I think is very important to my community. It has been interesting, because it doesn't take a lot of paying attention and blogging, when soon you find yourself on the front page of the newspaper, quoted here and there, and the like. It helps me to realize that perhaps I was having a greater impact from writing about agriculture on a national and global level than I realized.

Hope you are all well, my readers. I'm always happy to receive feedback, or hear what is growing in your own garden, or which news items or photos interest you!
Kay M.