Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ted Turner, Second Largest Land Owner in North America

The second largest land owner in North America, Ted Turner, was in Boulder a few days ago urging the city to graze some of his bison on open space lands which would be part of the impression gained by driving "over the proverbial (gasp) hill" into Boulder.

The twenty bison would be a gift to Boulder from Turner, who has gifted CU with its last couple of "Ralphies" (CU bison mascot). He has a Ted's Montana Grill here and calls the Denver metro area a "second home".

  • owns 2 million acres of land
  • on which reside 250,000 prairie dogs
  • and 55,000 buffalo, the largest herd in the world
  • besides North America, he also owns 100,000 acres in Argentina
  • he has given $1 billion to support United Nations causes

Next, I know you're asking, so who's the largest land owner in North America?

Turner was.... until just this year. He was surpassed in 2011 by John Malone, who owns 2,100,000 acres (8,500 km2). Malone lives in Colorado and is also a media mogul and he and Turner are good friends. Malone has been buying forest in Maine and New Hampshire, and has ranch land in New Mexico.

It appears that both Malone and Turner are acquiring land for stewardship purposes.

photo: wikipedia