Saturday, November 5, 2011

Learn More About Lloyd Kahn, Shelter Editor of Whole Earth Catalog

The following is one of the most delightful videos I've seen in a while, in part because of my love for architecture and design with a permaculture twist. (Thank you to Fair Companies, which posted this a few days ago here: Whole Earth Catalog revisited: Steve Job’s Google of the 60s)

Whole Earth Catalog covered all worldly and practical topics, categorized as Land Use and Shelter, Industry, Craft, Community, Nomadics, Communications and Learning. Lloyd Kahn, now age 76, was the Shelter editor of the catalog. In this video, Kahn shows us a rare first issue of the Whole Earth Catalog, takes us for a tour of his idyllic homestead (along with his wife Lesley) and gives us a sneak peek of his upcoming book "Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter".

According to Wikipedia, Kahn continues to surf, skateboard (longborad) and run (the Dipsea Race) competitively. He lives and works in Bolinas, a small town on the Pacific coast north of San Francisco, California.

And, if you want more, here is another video about Lloyd Kahn which includes him longboarding and making his own pasta.

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h/t Cooking Up a Story