Friday, October 21, 2011

A Few Days Worth of Tweets

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Trivia: Nebraska farm boy Evan Williams who founded twitter and blogger once helped his girlfriend housesit for us.——K.M.

(Some of these will and some will not be included in Monday's upcoming news.)
  • China's corn crop up 5.6% over last year, yields average in the mid-80-bushel per acre range.
  • Sugar supply will outpace demand for the first time in four years creating a glut that may persist through 2013.
  • Scientists have developed modified Bt toxins which are effective against Bt resistant insects.

  • The Berkeley Earth Project has used new methods & new data to confirm global warming.
  • Kazakhstan is using rail trucks to store wheat. (Infrastructure lags grain production in this region.)
  • 3.9 billion dollar mega water project underway in Brazil to its poor Northeast dry area.
  • Kansas City is experiencing one of the driest autumns in history:
  • 36 minute podcast of Julian Cribb speaking of the challenges of food production & Iceland's role.
  • Awesome! Prof. David Wolfe (Cornell) cares about soil health and writes poetry.
  • New partnership: SwissRe & two USAID efforts: The Global Climate Change Initiative & Feed the Future Initiative.
  • NOAA winter outlook maps: and
  • Bloomberg: The U.S. Air Force is set to certify all of its 40-plus aircraft models to burn fuels derived from waste oils and plants by 2013.
  • Biofuels are expected to provide around a third of the UK's renewable energy by 2020.
  • TIME: Senate Votes for Unlimited Potatoes in Schools
  • Nearby: There are more active oil wells in Weld County CO than in any other county in the United States (drilling boom)
  • BBC: Pew Environment Group found that last year 140% more bluefin meat from the Med entered the market than was reported as caught.
  • Rwanda taps India for food security, investment
  • FAO blames biofuel policies and production for abnormally high food prices.
  • Romania's grain production is up 50% over last year. This is a future growth region for agricultural production.
  • Six steam-powered tractors in this McConnellsburg, Pa parade:
  • Arkansas has 10 commodities that rank in the top 10 nationally: 1 in Rice, 2 in Broilers, 3 in Cotton, Cottonseed & Catfish, 4 in Turkeys...
  • Georgia's peanut losses could approach 30 percent, due to this year's heat and drought.
  • Travel & Leisure named Denver #1 city for Microbreweries.
  • 'Robot Biologist' Solves Complex Problem from Scratch .
  • USDA: Mineral levels in new varieties of broccoli have not declined since 1975 levels .