Sunday, August 14, 2011

Trailer: Summer Pasture

"To be a nomad is to be a herder...I don't know what's going to happen, but it's changing so that it's hard to recognize."

The NYT's did a movie review on "Summer Pasture," which looks to be a beautiful documentary about a culture which I have personally derived a great deal of wisdom from. Will this one, too, be lost?

Locho and Yama, the Tibetan couple who are the focus of the enthralling documentary “Summer Pasture,” are nomadic herders pursuing a way of life that has changed little over 4,000 years. For all the hardship they endure, this intimate dual portrait, directed by Lynn True and Nelson Walker, with Tsering Perlo, suggests that their lives are neither more nor less fulfilled than those of any highly stressed upper-middle-class Americans. ...continue reading


  1. I would hope for their sake that they stay with the hearder lifestyle as long as they can and still live.

    It is a sustainable cycle even if only for them and some others in their 'circle'.

    The lack of sustainability in modern life as generally practiced by most in that life, is summed well in the 'cash turns to ash' comment.

  2. While I haven't yet seen the movie, I know that the Bhutan and Tibetan holdouts are caving in to modern culture and banking. Sad. They will take the bad with the good just as we do. The appeal to be lazier and more comfortable is such an easy sell, though it's our modern society that's so damned busy and has such a high noise level, but at least women don't spend 14 hours a day with food prep and house care duties.