Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Surprise! Americans Eat More Refined Grains and Fats than Forty Years Ago!

Flour and cereal products provided more calories per day for the average American than any other food group in 2009.

According to the Loss-Adjusted Food Availability data, Americans are consuming more calories per day than they did nearly 40 years ago. In 1970, Americans consumed an estimated 2,169 calories per person per day whereas in 2009, they consumed an estimated 2,594 calories (after adjusting for plate waste, spoilage, and other food losses). Of this 425-calorie increase, grains (mainly refined grains) accounted for 187 calories; added fats and oils, 168 calories; caloric sweeteners, 39 calories; dairy fats, 17 calories; fruits and vegetables, 11 calories; and meats, 10 calories. Only dairy products declined (5 calories).

Unfortunately, we also sit in our cars and in front of our electronic devices more, too.