Thursday, July 14, 2011

Farm Photo: Horses Pulling a Wooden Plough in Australia

Wooden plough being pulled by horses in the fields at Avondale research station, inland from Perth, Australia.

Avondale was first established as an estate in 1830 and was originally given to the first Governor of Western Australia, Captain James Stirling as a grant from Queen Victoria. It passed through many hands during the 1800's before being purchased by the Lands Department in 1911 and was subsequently divided into nine farms to be given to soldiers returning from World War I.

In 1924, part of the estate was given to the Department of Agriculture and Food for research. Ms Gregory says the station conducted many trials. "We're discovering how the department grappled with notions of sustainability and really always sought to try and achieve sustainable farming practice; Avondale was a laboratory for that kind of experimentation," she said. (source)