Saturday, February 26, 2011

A New Documentary on the Global Population Issue: Mother - Caring our Way out of the Population Dilemma

[Film Website]
Last weekend BIFF, the "Boulder International Film Festival" was held here. Included was a world premier showing of "Mother: Caring Our Way Out of the Population Dilemma." The movie features a Boulder mother, Beth Osnes, a last sibling of a family of twelve. It is very well-done and covers the various facets of the complexity of the issue, as well as discussing the political incorrectness involved in the areas of religion, economics, family planning and gender inequality. Dr. Albert Bartlett was in the audience and appears in the movie. I expect this documentary will be widely shown over the next few years.

And to throw in my own two cents worth on the subject, I predict that North America is far from immune when it comes to the subject of population growth, even though the U.S. would have been near-zero percent population growth since the 1970's had it not been for immigration. Global warming food security issues due to changing trends in agricultural production, along with our economic debt predicament could lead to huge population migrations to North America. Because our only economic model relies upon growth, political leadership might opt for this easy solution to our debt crisis since growth is all about demographics. I'm still reeling from the census report showing that my state of Colorado has grown by over 18% in the past ten years. Ask Al if that's "sustainable."
Kay McDonald