Friday, January 7, 2011

World Sugar Production, Consumption and Inventories

From the December 2010 ERS Report

U.S.: Analysis suggests that the U.S. market will continue to depend on refined sugar imports from Mexico and Central America to meet demand. Sugar in product imports for FY 2010 is estimated at 1.165 million tons. This amount is about equal to the average for the preceding 6 years.

Global: The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s November update of the Production, Supply and Distribution online database lowered the world sugar production forecast for 2010/11 by 1.9 million metric tons from the May forecast to 162 million metric tons. The forecast for sugar production for human consumption was raised nearly 1.4 million metric tons to 158 million metric tons. Global ending stocks are expected to be 26.5 million metric tons, 564,000 metric tons lower than previously forecast.

source: December 2010 Sugar and Sweeteners Outlook Report USDA [pdf]