Friday, January 14, 2011

Climate Scientist Jeffery Kiehl Appearing in Science journal is a Jungian Psychologist

"global temperatures could rise to 29 degrees above pre-industrial levels"

“The effect of projection is to isolate the subject from his environment,
since instead of a real relationship to it there is now only an illusory one.”
---Jung (CW 9ii, par. 17)

Did you ever think you'd hear a Carl Jung quote used by a climate scientist to explain why we modern humans ignore the fact that we are a part of nature so that we are comfortable in proceeding to destroy it and thus destroy ourselves?

This world is serendipitous more often than not, and today as I read my local paper, I came across a reference to one of the supposedly 2,000 climate scientists who work in my town of 100,000 people. The article said that Jeffrey Kiehl, a scientist at NCAR, suggests that global temperatures could rise to 29 degrees above pre-industrial levels if concentrations of greenhouse gases reach levels that existed 30 million to 100 million years ago -- which could happen by the end of the century at current rates.

An article reporting his study appears in the journal Science this week with a summary here. The theme is again that the computer models have been too gentle in their predictions so far. "People who complain they don't trust 'climate models' too often are missing the point that the models are much more likely to underplay future increases in temperature due to greenhouse gas increases"

I Googled the scientist's name and was surprised at what came up. An interview of Jeffrey Kiehl by Joanna Harcourt-Smith on "Psyche and Nature" on this very day on Harcourt-Smith's blog. I listened to it and thoroughly enjoyed it, so thought I'd pass it on. The podcast is embedded in the web page below. Javascript required or go to link at bottom of thread.

This latest climate forecast will be getting a lot more media attention I'd expect.

In ending, this is the NCAR UCAR video interview of Kiehl discussing his scientific findings: