Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Quotes by Wes Jackson from the 2010 Prairie Festival at the Land Institute

The heirarchy of structure: Ecosphere > Ecosystem > Organism > Organ > Tissue > Cell > Molecule > Atom. "And then it's really turtles all the way." [Wes said that the higher you go up the structure, the more flack you catch, and the less pay you make.]

Bad times are coming.

The plough destroyed more options for future generations than the automobile.

You can tell a professor is getting old when the anecdotal ratio is getting bigger than the analytical.

Soil is more important than oil and is as much a nonrenewable resource.

I am not optimistic but I am hopeful.

Save the soils as we save our souls.

----Quotes by Wes Jackson - 2010 Prairie Festival, Salina, Kansas