Thursday, September 2, 2010

Peak Oil Described by the German Military

source: shaddowstats

This chart sends a strong message, doesn't it?
h/t Steve of Virginia via Gregor MacDonald

On a related note, the German military has released a paper describing the implications of peak oil. Robert Rapier writes up the study in his usual, most reader friendly and interesting way. I recommend reading it at Energy Bulletin here.

From the review:
Overall, the report expects a reduction of the importance of “Western values” related to democracy, and human rights in the context of politically motivated alliances, which increasingly are driven by emerging economies such as China – likely leading to double standards. Emerging economies are equally expected to receive higher recognition in international organizations, particularly those with strength in resources (such as Russia).
This subject is so closely intertwined with modern day agriculture and everything else about our modern lifestyles.