Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ag Subsidy Program Affects How Poor Eat; Asian Food Inflation; Wheat supplies secure; plus more news for September 7, 2010

  1. How the U.S. Farm Subsidy Program Determines What People Can Afford to Eat [denver post]
  2. Wheat price falls as production looks strong in many countries [bloomberg]
  3. FAO advises wheat stocks are 40% higher than in 2008 [bloomberg]
  4. Asia's food inflation [wsj subscriber]
  5. Thai rice price increases 10% on decreased production in Pakistan and China accelerating Asian food inflation [bloomberg]
  6. A good commentary on the food riots in Mozambique [csm]
  7. Tourists and commuters suffer as transport workers strike against austerity measures in France and London [usa today]
  8. Goldman Sach's Hatzius expects another one trillion dollars in quantitative easing [ft alphaville]
  9. Monsanto's Lobbying Efforts Are Setting New Highs this Year [alternet]
  10. More cattle to preserve the West's grasslands? [TIME]
  11. The Agricultural Equipment Stocks are Performing Well [times dispatch]
  12. Egypt will spend $10.5 billion to upgrade irrigation of 5.19 million acres of agricultural land [bloomberg]
  13. Michael Burry, former hedge fund manager bets on farmland and gold [bloomberg]
  14. Ken Rogoff on Why America isn't working [project syndicate]
  15. An interview with Stoneleigh of the Automatic Earth [FS news hour]
  16. An interview with Joseph Tainter on The Collapse of Complex Societies [FS news hour]