Tuesday, August 31, 2010

U.S. Farm Commodity Production According to Region

Note that I'm in the process of doing a series of posts breaking down a recent important USDA report of U.S. farm sizes as related to their subsidies, production statistics, incomes and ownership. This one maps out production according to region.

Commodities According to Region

Different regions concentrate on specific commodities:
  1. The Heartland alone accounts for more than half the cash grains and two-thirds of the hogs produced in the United States.
  2. The Fruitful Rim is responsible for nearly two-thirds of the Nation’s production of high-value crops.
  3. Two regions—the Prairie Gateway and Mississippi Portal—produce three-fifths of the cotton.
  4. The Eastern Uplands and Southern Seaboard together account for four-fifths of tobacco and two-thirds of poultry production, while the Northern Crescent and Fruitful Rim each account for about one-third of dairy production.
  5. Agricultural production is concentrated in the Heartland and Fruitful Rim, which together account for 46 percent of U.S. production.
  6. The Heartland and Fruitful Rim also account for the largest shares of the Nation’s million-dollar farms, 25 and 21 percent, respectively.

source: usda [pdf]