Monday, August 30, 2010

University of Colorado's New Dining Complex

photo by Ken Lund

On the CU campus this year, a new $84 million Center for Community building has opened which boasts an over-the-top dining facility which seats 900 students.

Concepts incorporated into the dining scene at CU are visiting chefs from local restaurants, the offer to make requested recipes from home, allergy free cooking, and future plans for a fresh herb garden.

This new facility is one of five facilities serving food on this campus of 30,000 students. Another location focuses on using fresh and local food. By 2015, 25 percent of CU's food offerings will be organic, 25 percent natural and 25 percent locally grown. 200,000 gallons of grease are captured for biodiesel.

Here's what one CU Regent said:

"It's a ridiculous arms race that higher education has gotten itself into, catering to students," Lucero said. "No wonder students don't want to leave and it's taking six years to graduate. We create an environment that's unrealistic of what they can expect in the real world."

Incidentally, room and board costs have doubled at CU over this past decade.

Source: [No more mystery meat: CU-Boulder dishes up gourmet dorm food]