Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mystery Solved ?? for Memphis Tennessee area Plant Devastation

At first glance, it appears this story from the same WREG TV news source, Memphis, Tennessee, would explain the mysterious crop devastation report I covered here from a June 1st WREG video. This was quite a mystery, and there seemed to be little information available. The MSM didn't seem to cover it, to my knowledge, and some blogosphere rumblings suspected the gulf oil spill dispersants were causing it.

Mystery solved???

The Lucite chemical plant in Millington, Tennessee was shut down for spewing Sulfur Trioxide vapors into the air. See this video. And this from MyFoxMemphis.

(This happened on May 25th, so the story is almost a month old.)

I have not seen a report linking these two stories, and maybe we never will see one. But, raining sulfuric acid would surely explain the extremely strange nature of the earlier story. Needless to say, this would be very concerning if one were a resident of this area.

Original story here.
(h/t rjs)