Friday, June 11, 2010

My Favorite Hat - Ever!

I have a strong suspicion that most readers of this blog are outdoors people, and so I've made a discovery useful to pass on to those who may be interested.

Some days I may come across with an anti-consumerism sentiment, yet I realize the value of a good and long lasting product which is useful that is produced in America. And I've found it. Being a redhead (yes, you knew I was a bit different, didn't you?), I best wear a hat when I go outdoors in our high altitude sun here in Colorado. I have had a few hats in my life, and usually I've ended up disappointed. And it takes a lot for a product to impress me enough to do a post about it. This is a first.

The brand is Sun Day Afternoons out of Oregon.

My reasons for loving this hat are:
  • it is so light-weight I hardly know it's on
  • it has a vent so is cool to wear
  • it comes in white which makes sense in the summer
  • it has a cinch cord to keep it secure in the wind
  • the fabric is sun proof with a rating of 50
  • it comes in several sizes and I found the perfect fit
They have many styles, and men's too. Mine is the adventure hat on the photo. And, already it is the best hat I have ever owned.

[no advertising by company, just a heartfelt post]