Friday, June 30, 2017

An Organic Weed Control Machine: Weedtechnics

I found out about this product because the University of Colorado here in Boulder is supposedly the first campus in the United States to adopt this machine to kill weeds. It originated in Australia.

It is named "Weedtechnics" and uses water to kill weeds by boiling them to death via blasting them with 250 degree steam. On CU's campus, herbicides and tedious hand pulling of weeds have already been drastically reduced since adopting the Weedtechnics machine.

The Weedtechnics website tells of 8 hidden costs of chemical weed control:
  1. Herbicide resistance
  2. Employee exposure
  3. Off-target damage
  4. Tarnished public image
  5. Public Safety
  6. Storm and Portable Water Contamination
  7. Habitat, Ecosystem and Livestock Threat
  8. Soil Biology
The machines cost about $25,000 each.

Weedtechnics machines also:
  • remove gum from sidewalks
  • remove spray residue caused by sprinklers
  • clean up graffiti
  • clean and sterilize trash cans
The following video from the company website explains more:

Company website link HERE.

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