Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tuesday Links +

Tuesday informational news links are a weekly feature here at Big Picture Agriculture.

PRB projects world population rising 33 percent by 2050 to nearly 10 billion | Phys.org
Biochar was hailed at a four-day Oregon State University conference last week. It has shown potential to improve soil pH, retain moisture, sequester carbon, filter water and clean up polluted mining and industrial sites. | Capital Press
Pennsylvania's farmland preservation has reached a new milestone, surpassing the 5,000-farm mark. Its program leads the nation in the number of farms and the number of farm acres that have been preserved in perpetuity for agricultural production. | Pennsylvania Ag Connection
The Next Agriculture Revolution Is Under Our Feet | Huff-Post
The bean, touted for its nutritional punch and for its environmental sustainability, is invading the grocery store. In the United States, sales of beans and other pulses grew nearly three times faster than meat last year. | Christian Science Monitor
New MyPlate Resources for Families | USDA
An American Working Tea Plantation | NPRs The Salt
Could Bumper Harvest Reap $2 Corn? | Agweb
While Southwestern Ontario farmland prices are rising, it's the opposite story in the nearby American corn belt | I F Press
The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced plans to purchase approximately 11 million pounds of cheese to assist food banks and pantries across the nation, while reducing a cheese surplus that is at its highest level in 30 years. The purchase, valued at $20 million, will be provided to families in need across the country through USDA nutrition assistance programs, while assisting the stalled marketplace for dairy producers whose revenues have dropped 35 percent over the past two years. | USDA
Colorado used to be a big apple producer, once on par with Washington state | Denver Post
Canadian farmers expect production of wheat, barley and lentils to increase in 2016, while canola, soybean, corn for grain and oats are anticipated to decline. | QT Ag Online
Millions at risk as deadly fungal infections acquire drug resistance; Researchers believe widespread use of fungicides on crops is reducing effectiveness of frontline medicines | Guardian
Cannabis prices have fallen in Boulder County due to surplus of supply | Daily Camera
The 7 cover crop options you should know and what each offers | Southeast Farm Press
Russian meat producer, Eurodon plans to produce 70,000 tonnes of turkey meat this year, increasing its output 32% over year-to-year | World Poultry
Seaweed helps bring food security to Latin America | Christian Science Monitor
Above average rainfall on the Canadian prairies this growing season | DTN
Ships Bring Your Coffee, Snack and TV Set, But Also Pests and Diseases | IPS
An Omaha based ethanol producer is purchasing three plants in Nebraska, Indiana, and Illinois from a bankrupt Spanish producer, which will increase Green Plains, Inc production by 20 percent. | Omaha World Herald
Canada currently has a 5 percent ethanol mandate in place, which requires approximately 2.2 billion liters of ethanol per year. However, more ethanol is consumed on a discretionary basis. The blend levels for 2016 and 2017 are expected to remain at 6 percent. | Ethanol Producer Magazine
Mexico is allowing for the blending and sale of up to 5.8 percent ethanol in the nation’s fuel supply outside of the three major metropolitan areas of Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey. | Ethanol RFA
Shaping the future of the grain-processing industry | The Global Miller
Study suggests diabetes might be avoided by poaching, stewing, or steaming food instead of dry-cooking methods like grilling, frying, or baking. | Science Daily
An Unconventional Cardiologist Promotes a High-Fat Diet | NYTs Well Blog
Cameroon, the world’s fifth-largest producer of cocoa has a reduced crop this year from drought | IPS
** Ten percent of all land in farms is expected to be transferred during 2015-19. Also see: U.S. Farmland Ownership, Tenure, and Transfer | USDA / Amber Waves

An update on urban farming in Detroit | City Lab
Cow Dung Goes High Design: The principle of the merdacotta products is anti-design — substance over form, shit over shape | NYTs
Surging demand for lobster meat changing Canadian processing patterns | Undercurrent News
An upcoming report from the German government will recommend that all citizens stockpile five days of drinking water and 10 days of food supplies | Wash-Post
More on Kimbal Musk’s growing farm-to-table restaurant empire | Huff-Post
Navajo workshops are scheduled to demonstrate the ‘food forest’ technique in Arizona. | The Journal
Grass-fed claims on products are driving up sales sharply. | Food Navigator
This Missouri farmer is warding off intruding insects and noxious weeds with bugs and chickens. | Harvest Public Media
The Aztecs Once Revered It. Will You Fall For Amaranth, Too? | NPRs The Salt
We let the red droopy variety of amaranth (love-lies-bleeding) volunteer in our garden each year and I buy amaranth flour at a local bin grocer to use it in small amounts in bread. It is a beautiful plant and the flour has a nice taste that is slightly sweet.--k.m.

Inspiring story of craftsman who built Refrigerator without electricity | Green Eco System
Growing Mushrooms in the Dark; Angel Moioli is among the last Parisians growing mushrooms in the underground quarries of France. | Youtube

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