Thursday, December 22, 2011

In Scotland, the aim to Increase Forest Cover from 17% to 25% by 2025 is Hurting Sheep Farming and Driving Up Land Prices.

Scottish farmers and landowners are being offered generous tree-planting grants and a government assurance that forestry cover will be expanded from 17% to 25% of the country by 2025. Yet despite the lures very few have been enticed to turn any of their land over to commercial conifers.


  1. I'm unclear on the business dynamics on this clip storyline and don't know how politics works in Scotland.

    For example the lamb industry seems to financially benefit the local populace.

    The lumber industry seems to not benefit the local industry. So who does benefit from that industry ?

    Is it like in the US, the federal employees AKA politico's, benefit ?

  2. Good question, RBM.

    Here is a link to their plan, if you're interested:$FILE/ForestExpansion.pdf

    They list their goals as tackling climate change, restoration of woodlands, having a sustainable forest industry, and enhancing ecosystems and the environment. I think that tourism comes into play, also.

  3. Thanks for the link.

    From page 9 on, that I reviewed, I didn't see an answer to my question about money flow.

    Given the document, that's understandable.

    Thanks anyway.