Monday, November 28, 2011

Corporate Food Graphic Showing Big Producers: The Consolidation of American Food

Source: Frugal dad


  1. This is astonishing information. We buy food daily and know that it is essential for our survival without knowing who and where it comes from. The who and where is extremely important and I can appreciate this information as it educates others in a way that is not over their heads. This is what we should all aim to do as we continue to fight for the well being of human race... before it is too late. We have failed to realize that our supplies are limited. The poor and small family farmers and ranchers continue to suffer as an elite few monopolize the industry. More attention of this sort must continue to be researched and advocated for.

    Texas A&M University
    College Station, Texas

  2. Yes, Brooke, I, too, am very concerned about current trends of the smaller traditional farms disappearing. It has truly become a food system of large players.

    Grass roots movements in food are strong and powerful, though, too.

    Always vote with your dollar wisely.