Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Peasant Had More Freedom than We Do. Oh. Ouch!

Hat tip to No Tech magazine for pointing us to the BBC documentary series, "Terry Jones' Medieval Lives." (All eight episodes available online.) If you have the time, watch the first one, titled "peasants." I took the following quote from the episode:

But since the lord of the manor was often away from the estate fighting the kings wars, he had to be able to rely on his peasants to organize themselves.

"In many ways the medieval peasant had more say in how his life was run than most people do now."

Of course its a way of life that's all gone. Well, we'll never know what it was really like to live under such a system.

OUCH! That hurt a bit, didn't it?

Here it is, "The Peasant" episode:


  1. k, i have thought about this a lot recently so am glad to have this highlighted from you. i look at our sense of freedom, individual sovereignty if you will, to be a sphere around each of us. you will get no argument from me that we are less economically free than a serf, so where is the oppurtunity for freedom...look in the noosphere
    granted it is learning a new language and using it and all adventurers are welcome.
    love your blog, glad you're back. steve

  2. Patrick,
    Thanks for saying thanks.

    Great link, thanks. I'm beginning to see why old folks always say they wish they could live longer just to see what happens to the world. Don't miss the tweet I did yesterday linking this article: Seems we could be at a turning point in establishing a new economic order and a new definition of work, I would hope, though I may not be alive to see it take shape. There's no doubt about it, the current system creates slaves of those working 40-80 hr work weeks. As for the noosphere, wonder if humans will evolve to the point where language, as talking, becomes obsolete/archaic.