Thursday, August 11, 2011

Depopulation of the Great Plains Continues via the 2010 Census

Persistent outmigration of youth and natural decrease (an excess of deaths over births) fuel severe population loss throughout the Great Plains and in the Mississippi Delta; suburban expansion and amenity-based migration explain rapid population growth in the South and West.

source: usda


  1. Thanks for this data point.

    Picking up stakes has been in the back of my mind for a couple years, now, at least.

    My intuition tells me though, that going where there are more people also increases the competition for job openings. Since jobs seem to be few most everywhere it may not be a good idea, though.

    Another data point, not much information, though, sad to say.

  2. Throughout the years the media has reported how low unemployment is in the Plains states. What they never seem to observe is why. The people who don't have jobs there leave. Leave because of the extreme weather, lack of culture, lack of younger demographics, lack of outdoors availability since almost 99% is farmed, etc. etc. It seems unfair that now farmland is expensive in spite of the loss of population, doesn't it? I do think there are better opportunities for professionals in Midwestern cities due to less competition, however. Relocating is always a tough decision. For much more detailed info you might go to the census bureau stats.