Friday, July 22, 2011

What's Lady Gaga Doing in a Barn in Nebraska?

Evidently, Lady Gaga is filming her "You and I" video about her true love, a Nebraska-born guy by the name of Luc Carl. He's from Springfield, Nebraska, a town of about 1,400 people, where music video filming is currently taking place. The video is rumored to involve a piano in a corn field, a barn setting, and a soybean field. No reporters are allowed anywhere near, but so far she's been observed from a distance in a black and metallic outfit on a dirt road in the middle of the day while the heat index was 103! Poor, poor, Lady G.

No doubt the end end result will be something like this, though it's tame compared to some of her more recent work:

Given the heat dome temps in Nebraska this week, expect this new video to be hot, hot, hot.


  1. I'm not at all a culture vulture (Allan Parsons Project musical reference), but I do know who Lady Gaga is.

    Springfield (more properly Richfield per link pics data) was my backyard back in high school days at Papio. I often found farm work such as baling in this area and nearby.

    I'm less surprised that they found a barn for their shoot, but that it wasn't air conditioned in this day and age.

    Ha !

  2. RBM
    Wow. Didn't know you had Nebr. roots, too!

    When I tweeted "What was Lady Gaga doing in a cornfield in Nebraska on a 100 degree day this week?" someone responded, "Detasseling?"

    Ha. Now that's funny! You and I both know what its like in a cornfield in the middle of July, so the Lady truly is working under horrendous conditions, especially if she was fully clothed in black in the middle of a gawd-awful day.

    The rumor mill is flying in these parts that she's building a huge expensive home nearby, too, but its probably only a rumor???