Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pork is Number One, but Poultry Production Continues to Increase Worldwide, and Beef Falls Behind

Poultry’s share of world meat production has steadily increased, while beef’s share has declined. The changing composition of global meat production has affected the amount and kind of feed used. Poultry production is the most efficient animal industry at converting grain and protein meal into meat. Pork, however, continues to account for the largest share of world meat production, with China producing half of the world’s pork. Industrial hog farming techniques that rely on feed rations with high levels of corn and protein meal are becoming more common. World cattle production has slowly turned toward more intensive feeding systems as well, which use more grain and protein meal.


  1. I believe lamb and goat are more common than beef on a global basis. Any charts that compare this you have seen?

    No pressure!

  2. Jason,
    I have seen it said that 60 percent of the red meat eaten in the world is goat. Don't know what the sheep percentage is and haven't seen a graph. Goats could certainly play a part in "saving" the world, and the smaller the animal, the more efficient the meat production. That is why I chose the goat disease as the lead article in this weeks news links.
    ...Although today's commercial beef and pork operations are incredibly efficient, disregarding ethical issues.