Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Comparison of Farmland Prices Around the World

How do farmland prices vary around the globe?

The world's farmland prices are in continual flux, and vary greatly based upon location, soil quality, regional weather, infrastructure, water, and irrigation potential. Prices also depend upon respective national politics and farm policies. Currently, there is a great deal of interest in arable farmland acquisitions throughout the world by sovereign wealth nations, investment vehicles, agri-businesses, and individuals.

The following table lists valuations within countries and regions within countries:

Country: Price per Acre: Land Description: Price change last year: Type of Risk:
New Zealand $9,312 Dairy Farms -3% Economic
England $8,907 Average all land types +13%
United States $6,478 Quality dryland
in cornbelt states
+8% Economic
Argentina $6,072
Buenos Aires Province

Ontario province

Brazil $4,858 Top sugar cane land in Sao Paulo +24% Political, Economic
Brazil $2,834 Dryland double-cropping in
Mato Grosso
+20% Political, Economic
good farmland, with easy access to the transport system

Brazil $2,429 Dryland double-cropping in
west Bahia
+6% Political, Economic
Argentina $2,024-$4,049 Central provinces +10% Political, Economic
Poland $1,842-$3,289 Price dependent on size of holding 0%
best wheat producing land

Australia $648-$688 Dryland arable with reliable rainfall +2% Economic, Climate
Romania $631-$1,315 Price dependent on size of holding 0%
Canada $526 Saskatchewan province +7%
Argentina $486-$1,012 Northern provinces +10% Political, Economic
Zambia $405-$607 Long Leasehold
Political, Climate
Russia $121-$405 Price dependent on size of holding and progress of freehold application -10% Economic, Political
Brazil $121 Native bush with high cattle potential in Para +11% Political, Economic
5-10 year lease rights
Economic, Political, Climate

(Acre to hectare conversion is 2.47.)

Note that some of the information used to create the table above is from the 2011 Wealth Report by Citi Private Bank and Knight Frank Worldwide.