Saturday, April 2, 2011

Does Your Small Farm Need a Jang Seeder?

The Jang Clean Seeder

The Jang Automation Co., Ltd., of South Korea, produces precision seed planters with a wide variety of sizes and options, appealing to the organic vegetable farmer or CSA provider. This is one of the best seeders on the market today.

In this video, a Pennsylvania Jang dealer shows the many options available when deciding which type of Jang seeder to purchase.

Carriage House Farm shows use of the seeder in their garden.

Official Jang Website

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  1. This is Richard from Carriage House Farm. Three years later we are still using the Jang seeder. It works well and we have added more seed wheels. We harvest about 2.5 tons of produce planted with this tiny machine and at some point we hope to scale up to 3pt hitch three seeder set-up.

    We just recently purchased the shoe that makes two rows. We have used this for radishes, micros, and carrots. It is used with a double row seed wheel. We hope to revamp our videos and show the results.