Friday, September 17, 2010

Drop in Agricultural Commodities Predicted, Biodiesel Tax Credit Fails, and More News Today.

I am out of town this weekend attending Colorado's West Slope Wine Festival but will leave you with a few reads.

  1. Surprise! The biodiesel tax credit failed to pass the Senate by 41-58. [hoosier ag today]
  2. Darn. They beat me to it. Goldman predicts 10% drop in agricultural commodity prices. They are more bullish on livestock than grains. [bloomberg]
  3. In 2009, Oregon's net farm income dropped 41%. [Capital press]
  4. Futurama in Denmark: Agropolis, brings a new meaning to pick your own fresh produce. [just means]
  5. BONUS: Gazpacho Recipe or Pan de Tomate? [SF Gate]